Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health in One Place

I'm so excited to share with you my 50+ pages on everything gut health!

As someone who struggled with their gut health for most of their early to mid 20s, I know firsthand how frustrating the medical system can be, often leaving you with more questions than answers.

I've made this e-book to set the record straight and to bring clarity to an area of health that is so fundamental to our overall health and longevity.

Topics That Are Often


Everything I learned on my own personal healing journey, as well as what has been a reoccurring theme in my 1:1 work with clients is within these pages.

There are SO many topics that conventional medicine AND alternative, holistic medicine practitioners miss. Properly supporting digestive function, working on the oral microbiome and working on the three crucial steps to gut healing are just a few of the major pieces that are often entirely overlooked.

Unfortunately, as often is the case when I listen to my clients stories of previous work with other practitioners, as well as in my own past experience, missing just ONE of these pieces to gut health can result in completely relapsing in your gut symptoms and infections.

You deserve to live a life free of gut symptoms. I hope you find this e-book a useful guide on your own healing journey.
-Sara 💜

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